Monday, March 19, 2007

Is Anger Good or Bad

Anger is:

Guilt is anger turned inward toward the self.
Fear is the root of anger. Fear is responsible for hatred, anger, possessiveness, anxiety, greed, inhibition, stress, frustration, hang-ups, phobias and insecurities.
Anger is a universal, basic, normal, unavoidable reaction to displeasure.
It usually involves some misunderstanding or unmet expectation.
Anger is an internally generated physical energy force which we can use of fail to use as we choose. We can harness it through the martial arts, will power and determination.


Anger is a physical energy force that needs to be dissipated or released.
It is related to the emotions of fear, hurt and pain.
We experience anger when we feel an expectation is not being met.
Our anger responses are learned and programmed into us.
We can learn better ways to express anger.

Dealing with the anger of others:

We can help others release their anger by not arguing back.
Do not defend, justify, contradict, interupt or rationalize until the energy is used up.
Send empathetic, understanding messages to the other before, during and after the outburst.
Try to become "calmer" and don't get "hooked" into the anger and get angry yourself.
Realize they were angry before you came on the scene. Don't take it personally.

Dealing with your own anger:

Realize you have an unmet expectation. Is our expectation realistic?
Acknowledge your anger, express it fully and then release the anger in a safe manner.
Give yourself a break.
Anger is normal and healthy. It is telling you that something is wrong.
You can't change anger if you don't recognize it.
If you are angry you attract anger from others.
What you resist you become.

Releasing anger:

Anger can be released through physical exertions, verbalizing or mentally reprogramming yourself.


Experience your anger completely.
What you are repelled by in others you will find in yourself.
Encourage and respect anger expressions as signs that something is wrong.
Anger is linked to self-esteem and self-hate. It is basic to mental health.
We can reduce anger when we stop trying to change other people.
Whoever can make me mad can control me.
Avoid using the word "should".
Those unable to be angry, or afraid to be angry, are often unable to love.
They are not confident of their own love or the love of the other person.
Those who have no anger are not human.
Coping with anger gets easier with practice and improves relationships.

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