Friday, November 11, 2011

Anger Management for Crowbar Attack

Rodolfo Rodriguez, 54, of Bay City was given a year of probation as well as 12 weeks of anger management for assaulting a co-worker with a crowbar in April of this year. On April 22, Rodriguez was working at a construction site near Bay City Academy when he got into an argument with a coworker. At one point he Rodriguez grabbed a crow bar and used it to smack the other person in the face. You’d think that getting hit in the face with a crow bar would be enough to end the fight, but the man actually ended up chasing Rodriguez down and jumping him. That same man later told police that he did not want to press charges because he “got his licks in”. However police also found a bag of marijuana on him, which may help explain how he was able to get up and chase down Rodriguez after taking a crowbar to the face.

Instead of being charged with a felony, Rodriguez pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for aggravated assault. Along with the year of probation and the 12 week anger management course, Rodriguez also had to serve two days in jail, submit to drug testing, and a fine of $980 in restitution. Perhaps if Rodriguez had taken the time to realize he had been getting angry with a drug user and just left the situation he wouldn’t have gotten into so much trouble. As they say, “don’t argue with a fool for he is doing the same”.

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