Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb. 28th to March 6th 2011: 6-Day Anger Management Intensive Program

Daybreak Counseling Service is a leader in anger management education. The company provides anger mangement classes and anger management seminars for corporations, families and individuals.

Daybreak Counselors have been featured on popular national television programs such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, MTV Real World Hollywood, MSNBC’s-The Dylan Ratigan Show, E! News Entertainment and more.

This 6- day anger management instensive program is designed for those who need to find distance from the challenges and triggers of life and immerse themselves in a comprehensive and compassionate enviroment.

This anger management course focuses on the following topics: Communication, Stress Management, Adjusting Expectations, Responding instead of Reacting, Forgiveness, Empathy, Changing the Conversation within yourself, Reatreating and think things over.

Each course is taught by instructors who have Masters Degrees in Marraige Family Therapy, Psychology or Social Work.

Although the retreat intensive, the schedule allows for ample time to enjoy the sunny Southern, California enviroment. Times for reflection and self-nuturing are purposely built into the program. The Schedule is as follows:

Monday- One Hour introduction class in Gardena, California 7pm-8pm
Tuesday- Two Hour class in Pasadena, California 6pm-8pm
Wednesday- Two Hour class in Santa Monica, California 6pm-8pm
Thursday- Two Hour class in Gardena, California 6pm-8pm
Friday-Day of reflection – No Class
Saturday- 6 Hour class – Gardena, California 9am-3pm
Sunday- 6 Hour class- Santa Monica, California 9am-3pm

Each workshop is located with 30 minutes of each other. You will work with a variety of instructors each with their own expertise and unique style.

The total program cost is $675.

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