Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chris Brown checks in to an anger management class

Reports are coming out that 19 year old R&B singer Chris Brown is now taking anger management classes after an alleged assualt of his 21 year old girl friend Rhianna. Rhianna is also a popular singer/entertainer.

TMZ magazine recently leaked photos of Rhianna's batterd face online and the news frenzy continues.

I recently posted an article about motivation and anger management. In this article I discussed how internal motivation can cause someone to seek help regarding there anger. Internal motivation includes feelings such as "I can do better" or "I'm tired of living my life in anger"

There is some speculation that Chris Brown is only taking an anger management class as a Public Relation measure. Others say he is in an anger management course because he got caught. If these statement are true Chris is motivated by external motivations. The fear of jail time, loss of income and even the dissapointment of a love one can cause an individual to seek help. The important thing is that he is seeking help. No wrong can come from his involvement in anger management classes. It may be important for Rhianna to consider seeking professional help herself.

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Shannon Munford