Thursday, October 27, 2011

Huntington Beach Hate Crime


Jennifer Renee Vanveldhuzen of San Diego was sentenced to three years of probation for punching a trash collector in the face on October 3 of this year. Vanveldhuzen plead guilty to a felony account of hate-crime battery for her assault on a 50-year-old Hispanic worker. The incident happened at 7:15 pm, when Vanveldhuzen came up to the worker yelling racial slurs as well as profanities, and eventually ended up punching the worker in the face. Reports say that she was intoxicated during the whole thing but prosecutors insisted that she targeted the worker solely for his ethnicity. Her sentence also included a one-year jail sentence that will be stayed pending her three years of probation, 90 days in an alcohol rehabilitation program, and 10 weeks in an anger management program.

Although some people use alcohol to “chill out”, it doesn’t keep your anger under control if you end up getting plastered, and Vanveldhuzen obviously did not have control when this incident occurred. Her lack of control cost her court and lawyer fees, the costs of anger management and alcohol rehab programs, and her time while she is on probation for three years. Not to mention respect from others as she is now known as being racist.

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