Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking an anger maangement class? What should you expect.

Many perspective anger management students are somewhat apprehensive before attending their first anger management class. They imagine biker chicks and gang members as theychain smoke in a dark room. Well in truth an anger management class is just not that dramatic. This post is written to inform you what let you know what to expect when you take your first anger management class.

Expect people just like you

Anger management classes are full of people just like you. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Anger management teachers have an opportunity to work with business owners, executives, construction workers, students, law enforcement and many more. You see the thing about anger is everybody has it and everyone can benefit from learning how to manage it. Most of our classes are representative of the community it is held in.

Enrollment and Payment

When you first enter your anger management course you will most likely meet with the instructor or receptionist. Expect to fill out a brief intake form which asks for your name, address, telephone number, court information ( if applicable) and the reason you are taking the class. The majority of the information is needed in case you need the anger management company to provide a progress or completion report for the referring source. Your anger management agency may also need to contact to inform you of class cancellations etc. You may also be asked to sign in when you arrive. This helps the instructor keep track of the number of sessions you have completed.

Most agencies require you make a class payment prior to the start of class. Anger management counseling may cost any where between $20- $50 a session. There is usually a one time registration fee also. The registration fee can range from $45 to $150.


Anger management classes can be help in public school class rooms, college auditoriums, churches, community rooms, therapy offices, or even outdoors around a camp fire. The trick is to find somewhere were you feel comfortable.

Most anger management therapy sessions are in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate working students.

Anger Management Teachers

At the time this article is being written there are no specific standard on who can teach an anger management class. There is no governing board that monitors anger management instructors. Some instructors may have a PhD in counseling or education where others may not have a high school diploma. You will find clergy, nurses, or local fitness trainer getting into anger management education but the best instructors have some experience and education in the mental health field.


There are thousand of workbooks, self-help article, blogs and manifestos on the subject of anger management. There is no standard curriculum presented in anger management classes through out the nation. When evaluating an anger management workbook, the best rule of thumb is to determine the education and experience of the author.

Some anger management classes are open to client interaction and deep discussion while others are more instructional. The best classes are the ones that combine the two.

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