Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anger Management vs. Incarceration

A recent ruling and sentencing by a Long Beach Juvenile Superior Court has a community in outrage.

Nine African-American juveniles were convicted of assaulting 3 white women on Halloween 2006. Prosecutors made attempts to label the altercation as a brutal hate crime.

The juveniles remained in custody for approximately 3 months and were recently released on probation. The juveniles were sentenced to 60 days home detention, 250 hours of community service and undergo anger management classes.

The victims of the assault were angered as they anticipated a harsher sentence.

The juvenile court is built on the premise that rehabilitation is favored over punishment when working with youth. The courts ruling substantiates the effectiveness of Anger Management Classes.

Juvenile courts as well as adult courts rely on anger management classes as a rehabilitation tool. Effective anger management education centers, such as Daybreak Counseling Service provide an alternative to long prison terms for violent offenders. Such practices are beneficial to the offenders and cost effective to city governments, as housing offenders can be a taxing to financially strained counties.

Daybreak Counseling Service

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