Thursday, August 2, 2007

Anger Management for Couples

Anger Managment for Couples is a growing sub-niche within the field of anger management education. Many couples are becoming frustrated by the passive approach offered by traditional marriage counselors. Some of the comments made by couples struggling with anger and rage in their relationships are,

“Our old therapist just listend”

“We are tired of talking we need tools”

“Can your give us something practical?”

In essance what these couples are saying is “we are not looking for couples counseling or marriage therapy we are looking for anger mangement.”

An anger management class is a skills based training. Anger Managemenet classes systematically focus on building communcation skills, improving emotional intelligence, teaching stress management and limiting verbal and physical aggression.

The skills learned in a couples anger management course will not only enhance a romantic relationship but it will produce benefits within a career and assist in dealings with difficult friends and family members.

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