Monday, April 16, 2007

Anger Matures to Cancer, then Death

By Matuba & Murphy

I have never gone for any anger management classes or anything related to that. I have been angry for the past few days and that should qualify me to be the expert in my own right to comment on anger.

Unattended anger eventually becomes cancerous. It develops into hatred. That - alone, alters one's personality to a certain degree. It is rather difficult to be happy in another part of your life and the other is just full of resentment. Anger management is not important but it is the only thing that will make all of our lives easier. I can testify to that.

My doctor says Cancer is a class of diseases or disorders characterised by uncontrolled division of cells and the ability of these cells to invade other tissues, either by direct growth into adjacent tissue through invasion or by implantation into distant sites by metastasis.

Just like anger Cancer may affect people at all ages, but risk tends to increase with age. Anger has not yet been proven to be one of the leading causes of death. But I know for a fact that most suicide cases in and outside this country were catalysed by anger. The latest trend on wives hiring hit men for their husbands could be all because of anger if not the love for money!

The unrest in Mogadishu, Sudan and in the Middle East is most definalety because people are angry. The Genocide in Rwanda was due to anger-turned-hatred.

The anger in me has also caused some genocide inside me. It killed so many things that I felt so passionate about. I said killed because I know that those are the things that will never ever come to life. I am treating my Cancer - but I'm afraid it has already reached Stage Four. I am terminally angry and I suppose in this modern world - we have therapy and medication to rely on when we are terminally ill.

What made me angry? I'm known to many as a person who doesn't share problems. That's not about to change. People, generally speaking, are heartless and cruel and tend to take people's misfortunes and use them as ammunition against them! I can't even share with my better half because he is already the casualty of my anger. At least he'll live. How I am ever going to survive - remains to be seen!

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